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MesInfos & MyData: everything you need to know about the project

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Auteur : Marine Albarède

Date : 28 août 2017

You might have discovered MesInfos during MyData2017 conference. If you want to know all about the project, this blog post is for you !


MesInfos project

« If I (an organization) can use your data, you can too… however you please. » With this particular idea in mind, Fing and its partners launched the MesInfos project in 2012. The MesInfos project explores and implements the Self Data concept in France.
What would happen if organisations that gather personal data actually shared those datasets with the individuals concerned? From this starting point, MesInfos has set out to explore what could be a real paradigm shift in the digital economy. We call it Self Data: the collection, use and sharing of personal data by and for individuals, under their complete control and designed to fulfil their own needs and aspirations.
In 2016-2017, we decided to take actions so that the Self Data scenario arise from paper and experiments into reality. We have been leading the MesInfos Pilot since then – to gather organisations holding personal data, platforms/personal clouds, a territory, and an innovation ecosystem to pave the way for a concrete Self Data world (in which organisations are giving back data to their clients under no time limits). In 2017

- Each of the 3000 testers will get a Cozy Cloud (Personal Cloud), thanks to the insurance provider Maif.

- Several organisations (insurance, energy and telecom providers to start) will transmit the data they have on them directly to each of the Cozy Cloud, under their complete control.

- The testers will then be able to add more data (photo, calendar, files…) to their Cozy and enjoy services to help them in gaining use value from their data (for instance services to better manage their lives, improve one’s self-knowledge, …).


–> Even though the MesInfos project is based in France and mostly documented in French, we built a page with the key information and documents in English.

–>Want to know more about Self Data ? The Self Data FAQ is made for you.

–> You are asking yourself « The Pilot project was launched 1 year ago… but what have you been doing since then? », we wrote a blog post about this subject.

(All documents translated by Jianne Whelton:


MesInfos & MyData

Fing – through MesInfos project team – is one of MyData conference founders and organizers, along with Open Knowledge Finland, Aalto University and Tallinn University.
Our collective / cross-border journey began in 2015, when EU DG Connect organized a roundtable about PIMS topic. MesInfos project was invited; we met lots of people, projects, startups, researchers… in other words, this roundtable draw the first lines of a European Community on this subject. We met again and again in 2016 in different cities, helping OKF and Aalto University to design piece by piece the first event about MyData/Self Data model : MyData2016.
In 2017, the European Community took a step forward : it’s not only about building a 1 shot event, but about building a movement that will last and grow. If MyData conference founders are still totally committed in organizing the event, we are also working with other members of the community on another front : we are participating in building an actual MyData Organization, with its principles, goals, governance…
One of the first steps of this work is embodied into the MyData principles declaration. Here is an abstract of this declaration :
« We are entrepreneurs, activists, academics, listed corporations, public agencies, and developers. For years, we’ve been using different words for what we do – MyData, Self Data, VRM (Vendor Relationship Management), Internet of Me, PIMS (Personal Information Management Services) etc, while sharing a common goal: to empower individuals with their personal data, thus helping them and their communities develop knowledge, make informed decisions, and interact more consciously and efficiently with each other as well as with organisations. »
We are convinced that concrete pilot projects or experiments such as MesInfos (and others) can bring precious learnings that will help this movement to grow !

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